I think we’re both glowing.


Romeo and Juliet

Photo by M. Olich


Mustafa Hulusi, ‘Apple Hand’, screenprint on steel, 2004 


Antonina Vasylchenko by Amy Gwatkin for Lula 16.

Johnny Wujek’s birthday party - 07.27

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


Kobayakawa Kiyoshi 小早川清 1899-1948

Tipsy - Womens_manners_of_today serie - 1930

I wrote (to) Natalie and I got her something when I had finished filming, saying, ‘I’m so sorry I had to say all those horrible things.

- Winona Ryder on working with Natalie Portman in Black Swan (2010)


Dmitri Kasterine, Running man, Venice, 1962


Gao Rongguo - Identical Twins

"Growing up in Shandong Province, Rongguo went to many different schools and in that time knew three sets of identical twins.

For this project, he returned to Shandong Province to find his subjects and chose to photograph them so they appear to gaze at their own nonidentical reflection.

He chose subjects in their fifties because, he explains, the fifties are often called the years to know one’s fate.

With this project, Rongguo calls into question the idea of astrology, that two people born at exactly the same time, with identical DNA, end up with completely different personalities, interests, and in fact have entirely different fates.

While it is apparent that the subjects are identical twins, the sometimes minuscule, sometimes more obvious, differences between them create a poignant document of humanity and individual human determination.”